03 July 2005

Big Decision

My brewing partner has suggested I teach a homebrewing class for community education.

I'm flattered that he thought I would do well, and I do have a degree in education. But I've been out of the class room for a decade now, and more than a little self-conscious about speaking in front of a group.

However, I am seriously considering it. If we could get a class together, we might even be able to get a local homebrew club going. It's always easier, and more fun, to brew with other people around. Even though I'm not much of a joiner, this might be a fun club.

One of the major obstacles to me teaching a class is my somewhat erratic schedule. On Tuesday through Friday I can work until 8 pm, or I could get off at 6 pm. I suppose I could teach the class on Monday nights, since I always get off at 6 pm on Mondays.

Anyone have any advice?

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