22 June 2005

Beer Run

My brewing partner and I, having decided to start brewing 10 gallon batches, and to start kegging our beer, decided we needed more kegs. Well, I have five, and he has none, so he needed some.

My favorite source for used kegs in St. Patrick's of Austin. They have used soda kegs at half the price of new ones. I have always thought the staff at St. Pat's was knowledgeable and I have always been impressed with their service.

Anyway, we bought some kegs and as we were loading up, I had an idea to go to Austin Homebrew Supply to buy ingredients. Why we didn't ask the folks at St. Pat's where they were, I don't know. We found their address in a phone book, but it was an old adress. So we called and got directions.

We bought ingredients for two 10 gallon batches of beer to be brewed in the next month. We bought the store's Hefeweiss kit, and, since we forgot to bring the ingredient list I had written up, I had to recreate the second recipe from memory. The second recipe is my recipe, from when I used to brew, called Hookarm's Dark Ale. I managed to gather come ingredients together, and when I got home, the only thing I got wrong was the hop type.

We're brewing the hefeweiss on Sunday.

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