26 July 2009

How to Disappear Competely Brew Day

A couple of weeks ago, the guys over at The Brewing Network interviewed the brewers at BrewDog in the UK. They gave the recipe for a low alcohol beer that supposedly looks and tastes like a Double IPA they called How to Disappear Completely. In my Fear No Beer, I mean, "try anything once" attitude, I ordered the ingredients. Here's the recipe:

How to Disappear Completely
OG 1.036 60% Efficiency
5# Marris Otter Pale Malt
3# Caramalt
9oz white wheat malt
4 oz Amber malt (UK)
4 oz Crystal120L
1 oz Chocolate malt (UK)
20g Centennial MH
30g Centennial FWH
10g Centennial/60 min
40g Columbus/60 min
20g Centennial/30 min
20g Columbus/30 min
30g Centennial/3 min
30g Columbus/3 min
3 oz Columbus/dry hop

Started the fire under the HLT at 7:40 am, after a bit of a sleep in. (Still woke up at the usual 6:15, but I refused to get up. That'll teach me!) Got the water to 170, doughed in and hit 150F. WTF? Drew off some liquor, heated it and got to 157F. Muuuch better.

The brewers said this was supposed to look and taste like a DIPA. But the mash liquor is brown. Next time, I'll use Crystal 60 instead of Crystal 120.

The preboil gravity was 1.033, and an hour later, it was 1.042, .006 higher than I predicted.

I will add the dry hops in about 5 days.


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Blogger Jay said...

I listened to the Brew Dog session with great interest recently and have been thinking about having a go at this beer myself. I'd be curious to know what you thought of your results.

2:49 PM  
Blogger hiikeeba said...

I like it a lot and am already planning to brew it again. I wrote up my impression on 8/30/09, with a photo of the finished beer.

7:23 PM  

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