10 November 2014

The Blichmann Burner Blues

I haven't brewed in a few months, despite the recipes I posted. I developed a problem with my Blichmann Burner.

While finishing up the last boil on the Saison du Permienne, I noticed I was low on propane, so I swapped out the tank for a full one. But I couldn't get it to light. So I put the old tank back on and finished the boil with the last propane fumes.

I tried to brew the 1900 American Wheat Ale, but I still couldn't get the burner to work. So I went to a different store to get a new tank, thinking maybe a different company uses a different attachment. Nope. No Dice.

I attached the tanks to the gas grill, and the worked just fine.

Now that the summer was upon me, I decided to hold off on brewing.

Recently, Dave, who sometimes brews at Horny Toad Brewing Company, came into the tasting room at Pedernales Brewing Company while I was working, and suggested that I should go to a propane dealer and get one of their tanks. He said that sometimes the exchange tanks don't work with the valve in his regulator. He also suggested I clean out the burner.  There might be critters in there.

That got me to thinking that I should replace the regulator and the line. So I Googled replacement regulators and discovered one at Niagra Tradition Home Brew. I purchased it, and last weekend, I put it on the burner.


So I can brew this weekend!


I can't do that. I am taking my parents to see my Uncle Donn, who isn't doing so well. I am reluctant to do so in case there's a problem. I wouldn't want to come home to a carpet full of beer.

So I will brew on the 24th, after I return home.

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