28 August 2012

It Should Happen Here

The Texas Hill Country is the second most popular wine destination in the United States. There are 17 wineries in 13 locations within 30 miles of Paradise.

Bend, Oregon has eleven breweries and brew pubs in town. (Satan and I should have left for NHC a day earlier!) Those breweries are bringing tourists to town in droves.  Tony Lawrence owns Boneyard Brewing in Bend. "It's unbelievable how many brewery tour groups are running around," Lawrence said. "Or just the amount of tourism, or the number of people we see coming through our tap room." [From the article.] When the tap room sells out of beer, they close. 

Imagine the tax revenue to the state of all those breweries! Imagine all the jobs created at the breweries and at other retail locations in town! The article goes on to explore how the city works with the breweries to provide them with water.

Now imagine legislators, distributors and foreign-owned companies who don't want increased tax revenue and more jobs in Texas, and don't want to work with breweries. Oh wait! You don't have to imagine them. This is what they look like:
Go join Open the Taps and vote for beer.


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