26 July 2012

That Time of Year Again

According to the latest study by UTSA (Go, Roadrunners!) Economics Professor Scott Metzger, founder and CEO of San Antonio-based Freetail Brewing Co., Texas' craft breweries accounted for more than half the brewery jobs in Texas while only being 0.7% of all the beer consumed in the state. With some help from our legislators, it could grow from $.5 billion industry, where it stands today, to a $5.6 billion industry.

I just realized that last sentence is an oxymoron. "Help" and "Legislators" never go together! Hell! I can't even get mine to answer a freakin' letter!

So here's what we need to do: ask our legislators why they oppose growing Texas jobs, Texas small business, and in state tax revenues, and would prefer to ship all those jobs to other states and countries. Then, when they don't answer, contribute to Open the Taps and let them be the voice of the fourth tier--the consumer.

Drink Beer. Save Texas.


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