12 July 2012

Single Beer Ban in D.C. to Be Expanded to Multipacks

A bill aimed at curbing public drunkenness isn't working.  Washington, D.C. officials passed a law banning the sale of single packages of beer, malt liquor, and small bottles of booze to "ward off troublemaking drunks, people who buy one beer and then hang around drinking it on the sidewalk." In other areas of the city the ban has reduced the number of arrests made, but not in this particular ward. However, crafty beer distributors and/or retailers (the article is unclear whether it is the distributors or the retails doing it) in the area are making two-packs of the offending beers. So city fathers want to extend the ban to two-packs and three-packs. Four and six-packs would still be legal.  For now. Until the troublemaking drunks start buying six packs.


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