12 June 2012

More eBay Fodder

Get your PayPal accounts loaded up! Here comes a future auction!

Press Release:
(San Jose, CA) – Gordon Biersch is readying to release a new, limited-run big-bottle brew in a handful of markets nationwide. The Imperial Pilsner Brau (IPB) 750ml “big bottle” is the first in a series of rare, specialty brews to be released throughout the year, each of which will have a limited production of just 4,000 or fewer total cases. The brews are expected to appeal to the modern beer connoisseur as well as wine drinkers seeking an alternative beverage option.
The 750ml bottles will retail for approximately $8.99 at specialty grocers and liquor stores.
Markets where the beer will be available are:
  •          Los Angeles
  •          San Diego
  •          Phoenix
  •          Atlanta
  •          Baltimore
  •          Washington DC
  •          Dallas
  •          Honolulu
  •          Las Vegas
  •          Kansas City
  •          Miami
  •          New Orleans
Let's see how long it'll take for the "connoisseurs" to snap up a case to resell on eBay.



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