26 May 2012

Nate's The Dankness Brewday

I brewed Nate's The Dankness, but had some hop substitution issues so confusing that I will call this beer Jeff's The Dankness With All Due Apologies To Nate, or JTDWADATN, pronounced "Cluster phuk".

First, I couldn't get Apollo and Simcoe. Then I lost my hand written notes explaining what hops were substituting for what. So I blindly plunged in to the boil, hoping my on the fly substitutions would actually come together in the end.

My predicted OG was 1.071 and I got 1.065. I'll call that ballpark.  Four days before kegging, I have to add the massive hop load, 6 ounces. Then four days later, I have to keg it.

This is the last beer I brew until after NHC.  It depends on the temperatures around here in July as to when I brew again.


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