16 October 2011

Update: Glock & Zahn Brewing - Victoria 1860-1875

An update from Historic Texas Breweries.

Glock and Zahn c. 1860-1875
Brewing at Glock and Zahn was a family business.

In 1853, Herman Zahn married Alvine Glock, daughter of A. Glock. In 1860, A. Glock was living with his daughter and son-in-law and both men were listed as brewers. Alvine's brother, Albert, is not listed on the 1860 census.

In 1861, Albert joined the 4th Texas Cavalry and was mustered into the Confederate army in Sipley's Brigade, and took part in the ill-fated New Mexico Campaign. Albert appears on the 1870 Census, living with Apaline Glock and Frdinca Glock (Age 70. possibly his grandmother?), and he is listed as a brewer.

In 1880, after Glock and Zahn closed, Albert is found living in Gillespie County as a brewer. He is boarding with the Pressler family, and is listed as married although his wife is not listed. In 1920, he was listed as an inmate in Austin, Texas. Presumably a nursing home, or hospital. He died there in 1923.

Herman Zahn and his wife are only listed in the 1860 census and on the Marriage rolls when they married in 1853 in Victoria.

There are two other brewers listed on the 1860 Census for Victoria County: G. Bridermann, from France, and G. J. Kraph from Germany. They must have been employed at Glock and Zahn Brewery.

I assume that Glock and Zahn was sold to L. F. Mack. Anyone in Victoria have any more information?

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