02 July 2011

Shiner Ruby Redbird - Reviewed

Like most Shiner seasonals, this didn't get to Paradise before I left for NHC, but I did see it in San Diego.  Thanks, Texas Beer Distributors for being so. . .eager.

I'd read some reviews of the beer.  Some were not complimentary.  Brother of Satan sampled it, and as someone who has just started his exploration of the Craft Beer scene, he thought it was quite nice.  Now that I have a six-pack, and everyone deserves my opinion, here's my review:

Appearance (0-3):  Perfectly clear, golden with a thin white head that dissipates quickly. 3 points

Aroma/Bouquet (0-4): It's hard not to be influenced by the name.  I expect grapefruit and I get it, but I don't get it the way I do when I use a lot of Cascade hops.  It reminds me of a soda, sort of a ginger ale/orange soda mashup.  Or the way a Shirley Temple smelled when my dad would take us out drinking when on vacation.  It brings back a flash of beloved childhood memories. 3 points.

Taste (0-10): There isn't a lot of hop or malt to balance each other.  It's covered by the grapefuit and spice flavors.  It starts fairly neutral, with all the flavors in the finish.  The citrus, followed by a slight ginger tingle.  It's nice.  It reminds me of a saison, and the grapefruit flavor shouts "Summer!"  But it's a bit overcarbonated and has a thin, Shiner body.  I can imagine sipping this poolside, or after mowing the grass.  6 points

Overall Impression (0-3): It's a beer that doesn't have its identity clear.  It's refreshing, but as I finish the first pint, I'm not sure I want a second one.  I'm craving a Boulevard Tank 7 or Saison Rue instead.  So the beer fails the drinkability test in that respect.  But it's not as bad as some reviewers have described it.  I like the idea of using a ubiquitous Texas ingredient in a beer, and have to give the brewers at Spoetzel Brewing some credit.  2 points

Total:  14 points


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