15 June 2011

MFG2011: Day Four - BNA6

The Plan: Tour some breweries, check into the conference hotel, then attend BNA6. Which brings me to a rant. Tickets went on sale on May 17 at 4 pm my time. The Brewing Network tweeted this at 9 am, 11 am and 1 pm Pacific time. Two hundred VIP tickets sold out in an hour. Almost instantly on the BN forums people started complaining. One guy even cancelled his whole trip because he couldn't get a ticket to get in an hour early and have a sausage on a bun cooked by Sean Paxton! I tried to tell him that he would get a much better meal on Saturday, but it was too late. He was mad that the BNArmy hadn't had an exclusive chance to buy the tickets, even though there had been four tweets about the sale. Some one is in need of a beer, and something to untangle panties.

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