06 June 2011

Mission From God 2011: Prologue

Back in 2007, Satan and I were en route to the National Homebrewers conference and we had stopped into Phantom Canyon Brewery in Colorado Springs to slake our thirst before heading on to Denver.

Phantom Canyon is in a 1900s two story building on a corner in downtown Colorado Springs. Plate glass windows wrap around the bar area, giving you a great view of Pike's Peak and downtown, as well as the hot blond in the short black skirt that worked for a local radio station who was doing a spot before coming into the pub.

We had two pints here. I had John's Mild Bitter and a blonde ale. Satan had two pints of Blueberry Ale. He offered me a sip. I shoulda had the blueberry!

Lyle, the bartender, was from Chicago, and we shared jokes with him.  When he asked what we were doing in Colorado Springs, I replied, “We're on the way to Denver for the National home brewers Conference.”

Satan added, “We're on a mission from God,” in his West Texas accent.

Lyle then taught us how to say it like were from Chicago.  Then Lyle carded the hot blonde from the radio station, and said, handing her ID back, "I think I got all the information I need to stalk you."

I don't know when we came up with the "Mission From God" as the name of our annual trips to NHC, but it's a good name.

This year, we're off to San Diego.  Pray for us.


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