08 December 2010

Saison Du Permienne - Kegging Day

After a week of procrastination mostly caused by Thanksgiving preparations, I finally got the latest version of Saison du Permienne into the keg.  This time, I decided to up the OG to 1.074, just for giggles.  Going into the keg I measured 0.997.  This gives it 10% ABW.

The first sip I took was dry, tart, and subtly citrusy from the grapefruit peel I added.  It tasted far sweeter than 0.997 should taste, but I measured with both the refractometer and the hydrometer, I am reasonably sure the reading is accurate.

Now it's off carbonating in a corner.  Hopefully this will be on tap in a couple of weeks.  Details. to come.


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