12 January 2008

Playing with the Beer Gun

On January 4, I spent four hours bottling a few six packs of beer to give to some friends. I bottled two 6-packs of Peppercorn Rye Bock. I got halfway through another bottle before I blew the keg. I bottled 11 bottled of the Oktoberfest conical experiment beer. It's a bit roasty for an Oktoberfest, so I'm keeping 5 bottles back for the Bluebonnet Brew-Off in March. I also bottled a six pack each of Kinda Sorta Charlie P's Palalia Pale Ale and Hookarms Yule Ale.

I made up three sampler six packs for some friends. I'm keeping the two six packs of Peppercorn Rye Bock back until I find out how many I need for Nationals. I may enter the rest in the Bluebonnet Brew-off.

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