10 September 2006

Sapporo to buy Sleeman Breweries

Japan's Sapporo Breweries will buy Canada's Sleeman Breweries for $300 million. Soon, there will be no Canadian owned breweries in Canada. Canada's largest brewery, Molson Coors Brewing Company is effectively controlled from the US.

John Sleeman started his brewery in 1988, and by acquiring other, smaller microbreweries, became Canada's third largest brewery.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

On one end its not good that another canadian brewery is bought out from abroad. But Id rather Japanese corps over U.S. anyday as they are much more effective with business rather then a push over by the states. Before the buy out however, sleemans had a very biased employment protocol. That was quite evident and people used to talk about that alot. One of those hush type of things no one was supposed to know. After the buy out, Sleemans employment staff was extremely diverse, and had really good advertising too. So I guess maybe this was a better move after all.

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