24 August 2006

Too Hot to Brew

Sorry for the rather lengthy run of non-brewing posts. It's just been far too hot to try to brew and ferment, since I don't have a dedeicated fridge. But as Fall gets closer, I'll be eager to brew again.

And speaking of Fall, it's about time to star thinking about Christmas Beer. I'll brew my Hookarm's Dark Holiday Beer again, this time leaving out the cardemom seed and maybe substituting cinnamon. I'll visit with my brewing partner sometime next month and see what he thinks.

I would like to try another Christmas beer, though, just for variety, but don't know what to brew. Does anyone have a favorite Christmas or Holiday beer recipe they would like to share? If so, please post the recipe, or a link to it, in comments.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too hot for you or too hot for the yeast? I used to brew in Florida and had some success with water baths and fans. The wet t-shirt also works pretty well---for the brewer and the yeast.

12:28 PM  

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