14 September 2006

Pre-Pro Stock Ale

Continuing my series of 19th century recipes, we turn to Stock Ale. Stock Ale, or Old Ale, is an English beer with a high specific gravity and aged for a year or more, and are a counterpoint to Mild Ales served in English pubs. Wahl & Henius list Stock Ale under American top-fermented beers, and tell us that the beer is usually all-grain, or has 25% of the fermentables as sugar added at the end of the boil. The gravity ranges from 1064 to 1074. Eckhardt doesn't list an American Stock Ale, nor does he give a hop estimate. Since they are similar to Belgian Ales, I assume they were hopped similarly.

Wahl & Henius Stock Ale

  • 10 pounds light malt extract
  • 1 oz cascade hops 60 minutes
  • 2 oz Kent Goldings 10 minutes
  • American Ale Yeast


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