10 June 2006

Brewery Tours - Online and Off

On a whim the other day, I decided to see how many brewery tours I could find online. So here's a list with links:
  1. Coors Brewery Tour
  2. Budweiser - you'll have to click around a bit to find the tour.
  3. Shiner Brewery Tour
  4. Miller Brewing Company
  5. Real Ale Brewing Company, Blanco, Texas - by appointment
  6. St. Arnold - Regularly scheduled tours
  7. Rahr & Sons, Fort Worth - Regularly scheduled tours
  8. Blue Star Brewing Company, San Antonio
  9. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
  10. New Belgium Brewing Company
  11. Boston Brewing Company - directions
  12. Yuenling Brewery - directions
  13. Michigan brewing Company - directions
  14. Live Oak Brewing Company - Austin, Texas - by appointment
  15. Independence Brewing, Austin Texas - regulary scheduled tours
  16. 1958 Lone Star Brewery Tour
If you know of any other breweries with directions to their brewery or an online tour, please leave a comment.

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