26 May 2006

Budweiser buys Rolling Rock brand

Anheuser-Busch has purchased the Rolling Rock brand from Belgium's, InBev.

"We have an ideal opportunity to grow this historic brand," Anheuser-Busch president August A. Busch IV said. "This beer is not like others, and its consumer following is equally distinctive.

"We live in a diverse world where consumers are hungry for variety," Busch said. "Acquiring Rolling Rock enables us to reach a new audience and to continue building our broad portfolio of products that meet the wide-ranging needs of consumers."

Hmmm. This seems to go abainst AB's longstanding strategy of garnering even more market share for their flagship brands.

I'm going to make a prediction: AB will promote Rolling Rock for a few months, then quietly kill the brand, and then put Budweiser and Bud Light on the shelves in Rolling Rock's place. That's what happened to Celis.

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Blogger Aurelius said...

That's a damn shame.

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