20 May 2006

Beer sommelier?

Top Michelin starred restaurants Le Gavroche, in Vancouver, The Fat Duck, in Bray England, Cafe D'Alsace, in New York city have joined the trend of celebrating beers' variety of flavors, and its ability to go with food. These restaurants offer beer lists in the hundreds. The Aubergine, in London, even has a beer sommelier. One of the beers on his list is a 750-milliliter bottle of beer from Beggenhout, Belgium, called Deus, which sells for about $66.

Recently, Jacob Richler of the Calgary Herald, wrote about a beer and food dinner. While Richler is a confessed wine afficianado concluded by writing, "All things considered, the beer was proven to stand up at a top table. The trouble was that serving it along such fine wines was not so much bold as foolhardy. If the wine had been kept out of sight and off the table everyone would have been happy. Make it a showdown, though, and there has to be a winner and loser, and what on earth is better than fine wine?"

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Blogger The Imaginary Diva said...

The Le Gavroche in Vancouver is one of my favourite restaurants. Every year, we at least make it there for the annual wine tasting dinner. I would really look forward to having a 10 course meal with all the exotic beers they have. Keep me posted. If you hear of anything like that happening!

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