30 June 2006

MGD Computer - Really!

Step One: Empty an 18 pack of beer.

Step two: Make a computer out of it.

Thanks to the folks over at TechEBlog, here's a story about a MGD computer.

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28 June 2006

Another great beer gadget!

Have you ever gone to the beach, carried the cooler all the way to the water's edge, only to discover you didn't bring a bottle opener? Well, never again: Bottle opening sandals.

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26 June 2006

Robotic Bartender

While I can understand the challenge of building a robot that can pour a bottle of beer, I just don't get the practicality.

It is cool, though.

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24 June 2006

Kentucky Common Batch #1 - Part3

I got the beer kegged finally. Things have been so crazy that I just let it sit in secondary for an extra week or two. I tasted the beer again, and the licorice notes from the anise seed were still the dominant flavor, but it wasn't overpowering, as I thought it would be.

I let it stand at room temperature for a week to carbonate in the keg. Last Monday, the keg went into the cooler to age. I won't tap it for another week.

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22 June 2006

Beer's Divinity

If you've ever wondered about beer's divinity, read this blog entry. Then take a trip over to Beer Church.

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20 June 2006

32 Ways to Open a Beer

While I doubt you have tried all 32 ways, I know you've tried at least 20 ways.

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18 June 2006



Yes, I know. This is a really lame post. I couldn't come up with anything else.

Happy Father's Day!

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16 June 2006

Beer Holster

I'm a big fan of beer gadgets. And for some reason, I particularly like beer holsters and carriers. Here's one from the Red Envelope site, that is, sadly, out of stock.

I say we should all email them asking when they will have more!

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14 June 2006

That's it! There's nothing left to invent!

I want this!

What holds a case of beer, 8 pounds of ice, and a driver up to 250 pounds; and can go up to 15 miles?

Why, only the next evolution of personal vehicles: the Cruzin Cooler!

Are you tired of carrying your cooler to all the events you attend? Now you can ride it! Prices range from $349 to $499, and come in blue, red, black, yellow and white. And, you can get one with seats and you can get a trailer!

How did we survive without this?

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12 June 2006

Beach Bum Wheat Beer - Review

Last week, I spotted Beach Bum Ale at Fredericksburg, Texas' CCrawfish Festival. I sampled it and it was a nice beer. I asked for others to give me some information, and Donavan found it at realbeer.com.

Donavan commented that this wasn't really a craft beer. He's right, of course. But it's nice to see A-B doing something other than fizzy yellow water.

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10 June 2006

Brewery Tours - Online and Off

On a whim the other day, I decided to see how many brewery tours I could find online. So here's a list with links:
  1. Coors Brewery Tour
  2. Budweiser - you'll have to click around a bit to find the tour.
  3. Shiner Brewery Tour
  4. Miller Brewing Company
  5. Real Ale Brewing Company, Blanco, Texas - by appointment
  6. St. Arnold - Regularly scheduled tours
  7. Rahr & Sons, Fort Worth - Regularly scheduled tours
  8. Blue Star Brewing Company, San Antonio
  9. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
  10. New Belgium Brewing Company
  11. Boston Brewing Company - directions
  12. Yuenling Brewery - directions
  13. Michigan brewing Company - directions
  14. Live Oak Brewing Company - Austin, Texas - by appointment
  15. Independence Brewing, Austin Texas - regulary scheduled tours
  16. 1958 Lone Star Brewery Tour
If you know of any other breweries with directions to their brewery or an online tour, please leave a comment.

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08 June 2006

A-B's latest?

Over the weekend, I visited Fredericksburg, Texas for the 8th Annual Crawfish Festival. At the bar, I discovered Beach Bum Ale. I didn't have my camera, so I couldn't take a picture of the tap marker. It was a good beer. Anyone have any info?

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06 June 2006

Beer Runs Can be Profitable!

Andrew Morbitzer was waiting in line to buy beer on Sunday when the souvenir of a lifetime plopped into his hand: home run ball No. 715 by Barry Bonds.

Here's a link to the story.

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04 June 2006

Czech brewers create menopause beer

Czech scientists say they have created non-alcoholic beer that contains 10 times the normal amount of phytoestrogen. Scientists have known for some time that hops used to make beer naturally contain phytoestrogen, a form of the oestrogen hormone found in plants.

“Czech women lack oestrogen in their diet, so we wanted to solve this through beer because the Czech Republic is number one in the world for beer consumption,” Karel Kosar, managing director of the brewing research institute said. Czechs drink an average 161 litres of beer each every year, compared to 121 in Germany, and 84 in the US.

Is there anything beer can't do?

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02 June 2006

70,000 Beer Cans found in Home

What do you get when you drink a case a day for 8 years?

Last year, a realtor discovered a townhouse in Ogden, Utah that held 70,000 empty Coors Light cans. The tenant, who otherwise was a model tenant--he was never late with his rent and her never complained, has been able to quit drinking, and is back on his feet.

If you're curious, that's a case a day!

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