18 December 2014

Gift For the Home Brewer

Saccharomyces cerevisiae from Giant Microbes. Only $9.99!

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16 December 2014

Gifts for Beer Lovers

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14 December 2014

Nick Offerman's Whiskey Song

Nick Offerman is my her0.

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12 December 2014

Nobel Rey Brewing Building in Dallas' Design District

Dallas' Design District is a neighborhood west of I-35E, running from 366 up to Sylvan Road, and extending to the Trinity River Greenbelt Park. Already home to Peticolas Brewing, Community Brewing, and the planned Texas Ale Project, Nobel Rey Brewing will make the neighborhood a hot spot of Dallas Brewing.


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10 December 2014

Live Oak, Peticolas and Revolver Brewing to Sue the State

Wendy, over at Bitch Beer, just reported that Live Oak Brewing Company in Austin, Revolver Brewing in Granbury, and Peticolas Brewing Company in Dallas will file a property rights lawsuit against the State of Texas.

At issue is the infamous 2013 law that made it illegal in Texas for breweries to sell their distribution rights. Since distributors could theoretically turn around and sell those rights to another distributor, they breweries believe that the state violated its constitution which protects business property rights when the law was passed.

There is supposed to be a press conference at 10 am today in Dallas and Houston to announce the details of the lawsuit.

This is going to be interesting.


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08 December 2014

Zero One Ale House in San Angelo Begins Work on Brew House

Zero Ale House, 20 Beauregard Street in San Angelo, is installing a brewery and will begin selling their own beer in mid-January.

Zero One is known for it's extensive beer list. Satan visited there a few weeks ago and praised the food highly, with multiple photos texted to me.  The evil bastard.

Eric Zobel, owner of Zero Ale House (which opened in 2012), has been home brewing since 2008, and always with an eye on brewing professionally some day.

West Texas brewing is booming. Zero One will be the fourth brewery in the area.


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06 December 2014

Home Brewing is Getting Easier

I won't blow smoke up your skirt. Making beer is work.

Marcel Pal has come up with Brewie, a device that automates much of the brewing process.

Brewie has compartments that contain the ingredients of beer; malt, hops, and water. If you get a kit from them, you load the ingredients into the appropriate bins. Insert a RFID card with the necessary step on it into a slot, and the Brewie will mash and sparge your beer. When it has cooled the wort, it will transfer it into a fermenter. You have to pitch the yeast. But other than that, and the cleaning, of course, your involvement in the process is minimal.


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05 December 2014

Cool Bar Stools

Found this on Reddit, posted by u/KevlarYarmulke, said these were in an Italian Pub.

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04 December 2014

Foam Physics Prevents Beer Spills

Alban Sauret at Princeton University noticed one day that when people would carry a beer away from a bar it wouldn't spill (provided it wasn't full to the brim. Who knows how he decided to investigate why coffee spills out of his mug, but his latte didn't (provided they were filled to the same level). Maybe, like me, he has a lot of coffee stained shirts and pants.

It turns out the foam dampens the sloshing motion of beer and latte. Since there's no foam on regular coffee, it sloshes much easier.

This study actually has some real world implications. Putting a foam on top of a liquid in a tanker truck, for instance, could make the load more stable.

Isn't science fun?


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02 December 2014

Want Free Beer For Life?

Carey Hodson is hoping to launch Intrinsic Brewing in Garland. He has launched a CrowdBrewed page to raise $30,000. He is about halfway there.

If you donate $2000, you can get free beer for life: 3 pints a day four days a week, and a growler with 25 refills. So far, one person has donated at that level.

Let me do the math: 3 pints a day at $5 each would be $15. That's $60 a week. After a year that would total $3120. Add in 25 growler refills at, say, $12 a pop would cost you $300 in a year. So you would get $3420 worth of beer every year.



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