14 March 2006

This is How I imagine Heaven

A woman in Kristiansund, Norway, recently tried to wash dishes in her third story apartment. To her surprise, what came out of the tap was not water! "I turned on the tap to clean some knives and forks and beer came out," Haldis Gundersen said. She add that she tried the beer but that it tasted a odd and was not fizzy.

Norway taxes the bejeesus out of their beer, which makes half a pint cost about $7.50 in a bar.

Turns out, a bar was the source of her beer as well. According to the story, a worker in the bar two floors down "had mixed up the pipes on Saturday evening, wrongly connecting a new barrel to a water pipe leading to Gundersen's flat. The bar got water in its beer taps." (Which, by the way, is how I imagine Hell.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like Heven to me!!!

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