12 February 2006

S+mapede Light Beer -- What the?

S+ampede Brewing Company in Dallas has released a Light beer. The founder, Lawrence Schwartz, used his grandfather's 1900s homebrew recipes as the basis for his beer, then got one of the invetors of light beer, Dr. Jospeh Owades, to make a light beer with flavor and body. Plus some stuff, hence the plus in the name. They added vitamins!

BFD (Big Fat Deal)! Beer already has vitamins in it. They are marketing to beer drinkers in their 20s who don't know about the world of beer, and are only familiar with pale yellow fizzwater produced by the three major brewers. The Federal government won't let them put the vitamins on the label because that would be making a health claim. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission probably objected as well. They would argue that putting the vitamins on there would constitute enticement to purchase. (Anything that entices you to purchase is illegal in Texas. Doesn't explain beer ads, though.)

I wish him luck, but I won't be trying his product anytime soon. I avoid light beer.

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