06 May 2010

Cool TABC Regulations

Over of the BeerAdvocate Forums, someone mentioned something I kind of knew, but didn't apply to this particular situation: You do not need a membership card to buy beer from Costco or Sam's. It is against State law to restrict access to beer and alcohol sales. So I am able to go to a Costco or Sam's Club and buy their discounted beer without a membership card.

Now, I knew this because several years ago, my Honey Creek brewing partner wanted to advertise that he would put his home brew in his B&B. Being a legal minded fellow, and despite my warning not to advertise any free alcohol, he called TABC. He was told that he could advertise the free home brew. That surprised me; I figured that since he didn't have a license he couldn't advertise. However, the TABC agent said that if he offered free beer to his guests, he must have a way for the non-paying public to access that homebrew 24/7. My friend quickly dropped the matter, while complaining that was a stupid law.

Not so stupid now, though.


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