14 February 2010

Southern Star's 2nd Annual Best of Show (Without the Show) Competition

Southern Star Brewing is having a best of show competition (without the actual show). The winning recipe will be brewed released as the 2010 Addition to the Southern Star Pro-Am line. The beer will also be entered into the 2010 GABF Pro-Am competition. You MUST be an American Home brewer Association member, both at the time the beer is judged by us, and at the time it is judged at the GABF. Entries Must be greater than 5% ABV. Their license does not allow them to make weak beer. (In Texas, there is are two licenses that brewers can have: one for beers under 4% and one for beers above 4%.), entries cannot be blended and must be ready to drink within 2 months , single step infusion preferred. There is no entry fee, and you can enter as many beers as you like. Send at least 4 bottles of each entry along with the recipe by April 17th. But they are asking that you keep their current line up in mind, they would like to diversify their lineup. Good luck!

If I win, I wonder if they will finally sell there stuff here in Paradise?


posted by Jeff Holt at 06:19


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