22 October 2008

New Mash Tun

Over the weekend, I went out to Wallyworld to see if they had an appropriately sized cooler to make into a new mash tun. I have been experiencing hit or miss, and more miss than hit, efficiency problems. My last batch of Wheat Porter came up several points short of hitting the projected OG. I theorized that I had one major problem: too short a spoon to stir my mash.

After listening to The Brewing Network's show with Denny Conn, I decided to build a cooler mash tun.

Now, I am not mechanically inclined. But I managed to get the thing built. Now to try it out!


posted by hiikeeba at 18:25


Blogger TylerN said...

What do you have the hose braid clamped to on the inside of the cooler?

11:08 AM  
Blogger hiikeeba said...

I took the drain out of the cooler, and inserted a bung from a mini keg into the hole on the inside. Then I threaded some 3/4" tubing through the hole. I clamped the hose braid onto the tubing, just tight enough to hold it, not so tight as to pinch off the tube.

12:26 PM  

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