22 September 2008

Interrupting your Regularly Scheduled Blog!

I've mentioned before that the fine folks in Alabama live in a state that has not made home brewing legal. I don't think I mentioned that winner of this years' Home Brew Club of the year at NHC was from Alabama. Gary Glass commented that illegal beer is the best beer!

Well, here's your chance to aid the folks who live under the benighted government of the state of Alabama: Flying Monktoberfest! Flying Monktoberfest raises funds to help bring legal homebrewing to Alabama, and will be October 4 in Huntsville. The are having a raffle this year, with some serious schwag. A lot of Sam Adams stuff. Not the glass that my benighted state refuses to allow me to receive, but still lots of cool stuff. Grand prize is an autographed bottle of Utopias!

Head on over and buy some raffle tickets so the folks in Alabama can legally homebrew.


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