02 January 2007

Corona stops Sponsoring Jimmy Buffet Tour

Jimmy Buffet and Corona go together like "a big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer". I saw a concert in Dallas a few years ago. During the song "Cheeseburger in Paradise," a sign illustrating the song included bottles of Corona Light and a lime wedge in the neck. But with Margaritaville and Anheuser-Busch signing an agreement to produce Land Shark Lager, Crown feels sponsoring Buffet's concerts would be inappropriate.

From a Crown memo to distributors quoted in Beer Business Daily:

“This decision by Buffett's management creates an obvious conflict for us and Corona, which had been the exclusive malt beverage sponsor of the tour. We believe it would not be appropriate to sponsor the 2007 Buffett tour (even in select markets) when Jimmy and A-B will be actively promoting their new beer at a number of concerts, via the internet and other mediums.”


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Blog mad dropped me off here... interesting site you've got. I enjoyed reading the Corona and Buffet article. Thanks for sharing.

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