14 October 2006

Winter Ale

October is rapidly getting away from me, and if I don't get something into the fermenter by the end of the month, I won't have any beer for Christmas. I've decided to redo the Winter Ale I brewed last year.

2006 Winter Bourbon Cask Ale
OG = 1047 FG=1015 ABW ~3.25% ABV ~4%

1/2 lb Crystal 90 malt

6 1/4 lb light malt extract 1/4 lb chocolate malt 2 oz Cascade Hops (~6% AAU) 60 minutes 1 oz Cascade Hops 5 minutes 1/4 tsp Irish Moss (last 15 minutes for clarification) Wyeast 1056 American Ale/Chico yeast 8 oz oak chips 4 oz Jack Black 1 vanilla bean chopped

While the beer is fermenting, I will soak the oak chips and vanilla in the whiskey. When I transfer the beer to secondary I will drain the oak chips, and add them to the carboy. I will let the beer age for three weeks. Keg and/or bottle the beer and let it sit for a week at room temp, then three weeks in the fridge.

What are you brewing for the Holidays?


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