24 September 2005

Beer 101

As much as I would like to, I won't cut and paste the article. I'll retype it!


Here is a single excerpt:

Is there a proper way to drink bottled beer?

Put it into a glass. It drives me nuts when people drink out of the bottle or can. If you had a fancy wine you wouldn't take the cork out and drink it straight out of the bottle.

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Blogger Helen said...

Well, as an old beer drinker from way back when, let me say this:
1. beer is in a "single serve" bottle unlike wine.
2. it comes in it's own glass.
3. if I were to buy a single serve bottle of iced tea or juice, I wouldn't put that in a glass either.
4. beer and "fancy wine" are like apples and oranges.

11:32 AM  

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