22 January 2015

Handle This Cup

You know I love beer gadgets.

I recently received an request from Ron Redfern to mention his new product, Handle This Cup.

There's nothing better than kicking back with friends at a sporting event with an ice cold brew!  Carrying around flimsy plastic cups that easily spill and turn your "cold one" into a warm mess ... not so much!  That's why we invented Handle This Cup.  Handle This Cup is an innovative sleeve and handle carrying system designed to take all the stress and party killing hassle out of carrying your beer in plastic cups.  Made of lightweight, high impact plastic, Handle This Cup securely holds virtually any sized plastic cup and prevents the heat transfer from your hands to your drink, so your beverage stays cold to the last sip.  Best of all, Handle This Cup's handles interlock so you can carry (nest) as many cups as you want!  At a football game, backyard barbeque ... anywhere you want a refreshing drink!  Handle This Cup works great for soft drinks, tea and coffee too!
 Here's their Kickstarter!


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